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Monday, December 12, 2011

I Think I Love Berlin- Part 5

The last evening in Berlin,  I was one of many guests at the American Embassy.  My husband was the moderator of a panel discussion there about the commonalities between the city of Berlin and Detroit.  Despite the differences in the two places, there is much to be learned and to share. The united passion for progress and change was overwhelming that evening. I wonder what will come of it. It was obvious that when the event was over, the discussion was only getting started.

My husband and I were graciously invited to a dinner after the event at a restaurant called Little Otik. It is owned by American expats from Detroit by way of Brooklyn. It had the feeling of Brooklyn and Berlin at the same time. Having lived in Brooklyn, I had the feeling of being home. The meal was inspired and the room was loud with laughter and conversation. 

I hadn’t expected to make new friends in Berlin.

Personally, I shared so much in common with the new friends that I made in Berlin.  Motherhood, creativity, love and respect for other cultures, carving out new careers, and making meaningful lives for our families were the uniting forces with most of the women that I met in Berlin. An openness and fearlessness prevailed.

The gray buildings and gray skies are only part of the view.

Berlin is no longer just a place to me.  It is friendship, hope, and warmth.

All Photos by Amy Dietrich for Coventry Drive.


noreen said...

it looks delightful. new friends anywhere are always welcome (!), but ones far away seem even more special. i'm glad you had this adventure.

amydietrich said...

Thanks so much Noreen@

Weeks Ringle said...

About 10 years ago we had dinner with friends of Bill's uncle and they were Russian Jews who came over in the 80s as religious refugees. I told them that it was such a happy occasion for me to have Russians in my home having grown up in the Cold War. It couldn't have happened when I was a child. Similarly it's great to see Berlin looking so vibrant even with the gray.

amydietrich said...

Thank you for sharing this great memory. (especially mid move.)