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A couple of years ago, I changed everything. I left my fashion design career and life in New York City for a new life raising my kids with my husband in Michigan. The trouble is...I can't stop designing. Coventry Drive is where I can show what I think is beautiful and stylish and inspiring.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

playground shoes

I have lots of fabulous and terribly cute shoes that I wore to work in the Garment Center. However, I now seem to have nothing to wear. My new routine involves going to the park/playground once or twice a day. My son (and I) need to get out of the apartment. And the little mister really needs to burn off some of that endless energy as well as learn to climb, run, swing, balance, and socialize. I need shoes that enable me to walk a lot, climb playgound things , and be good on asphalt and grass.
In my prechild fashion days, I would shop all the time. It was part of my job to know which designer was doing what and what was selling the stores. I shopped all over nyc and Europe. That's what I did for years and years. Oh, and the sample sales in the Garment Center were temptation central. I would buy delicious stuff. Now, my budget is MUCH smaller and shopping with a 16 month old is not a leisurely experience, to say the least!
So, I researched some things on line and off we went to the Staten Island mall. Look, I knew it wasn't going to be Paris. I had a shoe goal and I stuck to it. (My husband fearlessly came along to help with our son and provide moral support).
Success!!!!! I got a very useful and cute pair from Naturalizer and a super cute stylish little pair at Macy's by Marc Fisher . The Marc Fisher wing tips were not exactly my goal, but unbelivably cute and on sale.


Penny said...

The text is cut off on the right margin--enough so I can't figure out the content. I've never tried editing a blog posting after it's been published, and don't know if it's possible. Could you maybe re-post just the text?

amydietrich said...

Thanks, Penny. I am changing the format.